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Olivia Jackson

FSC 500 QSL 450W Oscillating MultiTool

FSC 500 QSL 450W Oscillating MultiTool

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The FSC 500 QSL 450W Oscillating Multi-Tool (72294661090) is the oscillating power tool specifically designed for use in industry and trade. With the largest amplitude on the market of 4.2 degrees, you get fast aggressive cuts with comfortable handling and relatively low weight. The tool housing is completely decoupled from the motor through the utilization of four flexible dampening elements. This improvement enables up to 70% less vibrations and up to 50% less noise and makes the work noticeably faster, more manageable and safer with less fatigue. Incorporating the StarLock mounting system, a pin-less, tool-free quick change system, t allows the effortless change of accessories in less than three seconds. Accessories simply snap into the tool head for a secure and accurately seated connection. The accessories are also easily released by lifting the lever on the tool head. The mount accepts both Starlock and StarlockPlus Accessories with the option to also use Starlock Max accessories. The combination of the Starlock mounting system with the 450W Oscillating Multi-Tool makes a comprehensive system that provides the perfect solution for almost every task.

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